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 Wikco Industries Motorcycle Wheel Chock With Quick Release Mounting Plate

MC9205BPD Motrocycle Wheel Chock MC9205 Mororcycle Wheel Chock (zinc plated) MC9205BPC Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Special Factory Offer $169.95 Plus Shipping

The Model #MC9205BPC Wikco Industries Motorcycle Wheel Chock With Quick Release Mounting Plate allows you to load and unload your bike by yourself. Drive your bike in, and the wheel cradle holds your bike upright so you can get off and strap it in place. Included for a limited time are the Strap Hooks ($29.95 value). 

The Strap Hooks can be used 2 ways; you can mount them under the mounting plate when you bolt it to your trailer or pickup and then use any standard ratchet strap (not provided) and run the strap over the wheel to hold the bike in the chock. You can also bolt the ratchet strap holders wider out on your mounting surface so you strap your bike in place using the ratchet straps on the handle bars. The Wheel Chock mounts to your trailer or pickup bed by bolting the mounting plate in place with 4 bolts. The wheel chock quick release mounts to the mounting plate so the chock can be easily removed when not in use. All of the components are finished with a high quality gloss black powder coating. Also included are all the nuts, bolts, and hardware necessary for installation. All Wikco Industries products are built from steel to insure decades of use.

The Wheel Chock is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for one year.

Motorcycle Wheel Chocl Custom Tie Down Hooks Quick Release Mounting Plate

Part # MC9205-3 Shown Here With Optional Strap Hooks
MC9205 Motorcycle Wheel Chock (zinc)
$169.00 Plus Shipping.
MC9205-04 Wheel Chock Strap Hooks $29.95 Set oF 2
Plus Shipping.
Quick Release Mounting Plate $39.95 Plus Shipping.
Includes all bolts, nuts, washers, and spacers.

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