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  Model # BMC112 Wikco Industries, Motorcycle Spin Type Wheel Balance

 Price Is $269.95
Plus Shipping

The Wikco Industries, Motorcycle Spin Type Wheel Balancer is the perfect tool for small shops, clubs, and individuals that need an inexpensive, easy to use, wheel balancer for motorcycle wheels. The Wikco Wheel Balancer fits most motorcycle wheels (motorcycles with shaft drive and/or single sided swing arms may need a special adapter which we can supply, see below). The unit can set on a table top or be clamped into the Wikco MC110.100 or the MC110.200 rim clamp motorcycle tire changers, or most other rim clamp motorcycle tire changers. This balancer has several unique features including a magnetic holder and guide rod to help you quickly and easily tell if your wheel is true.

BMC112 Motorcycle Wheel Balancer BMC 112 Motorcycle Wheel Blancer BMC112 Motorcycle Wheel Balancer BMC112 Motorcycle Wheel Balancer BMC112 Motorcycle Wheel Balancer


    Custom Wheel Adapters:
    CWA Custom Cones    CWA Custom Wheel Cones                       

Model 112-6:
Wheel cone, standard size that comes with balancer, maximum diameter 1.125 inches (1 1/8), minimum diameter .5 inches, length 1.125 inches.

Model CWA1:
Wheel cone, one of pair that is used for Honda VFR models, maximum diameter 1.375 inches, minimum diameter .815 inches, length 1.75 inches.

Model CWA2:
Wheel cone, used for most BMW motorcycles with single sided swing arms on back wheel, maximum diameter 1.75 inches, minimum diameter 1.125 inches, length 1.75 inches 

Model CWA3:
Wheel cone, one of pair that is used for Honda VFR models, maximum diameter 2.25 inches, minimum diameter 1.642 inches, length 1.75 inches.

Model CWA4: 
 Wheel cone, for any rim with large hole in rim, has 2.25 inch hole minimum, with 0.50 wide step, then up to maximum diameter of 2.40 inches, total cone length is 1.75 inches.

Price is $23.95 per cone Plus Shipping.

Parts Drawing / List 

BMC112 Drawing 

Parts List- Model BMC112 Wikco Manual Motorcycle Spin   Balancer

  Part   Number                            Description                         Quantity Required

112-1:                             Balancer Frame                                     1

112-2:                                 Allen Bolts                                         4

112-3:                                  Bearings                                            4

112-4:                             Bearing Spacers                                     4

112-5:                               Wheel Shaft                                          1

112-6:                                 Wheel Cone                                         2

112-7:                                 Thumb Screws                                     2

112-8:                                 Leveler Screws                                     3

112-9:                                     Level                                                 1

112-10:                                 Tire Crayon                                         1

112-11:                                Allen Wrench                                        1

112-12:                               Reference Rod                                       1

112-13:                 Magnetic Holder for Reference Rod                   1

112-14:                 Chrome Adhesive Wheel Weight Strips             2

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