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Model # WSS21278

Wikco Industries: Commercial Grade Metal Swing Set End Cap

Swing Set End Cap Frame Swing Set End Cap Frame

Swing Set End Cap Frames Swing Set End Cap Frames

If you are a handy man, and have common sized steel pipe available, for a fraction of the cost, you can build your own commercial grade heavy duty swing set using the Wikco Industries Metal End Cap Frames.
The swing sets are comparable to ones found at city parks, or school play grounds, and can easily accommodate adults.

You will need two Wikco Industries Metal End Cap Frames for each free standing swing set. Included with the end cap frames are the assembly instructions, including the measurements for the locations for the holes on the top rail, and a list of recommended bolts, nuts, and washers.

The end cap frames are securely welded, and pre drilled for 3/8” X 3 ” bolts (2 holes for each leg). The end cap frames are finished with a high quality automobile type primer ready for your choice of finish coat.

Price is $169.00 for a set of two
Includes Free Gorund Shipping within the Continental USA.

Guaranteed against defects in material and / or workmanship for 2 years.

You will need to purchase locally 5 pieces of schedule forty - 2” steel pipe (2.375”O.D. X 2.067”I.D.), approximately 10-1/2 feet long each. Galvanized is recommended, because no finish is required, however standard steel pipe is adequate, but will require priming, and painting. Also required are the swing hangers the swings, and the bolts, nuts, and washer, available at most home centers or hardware stores. The overall length of the set will be approximately 11 feet, and will accommodate 3 swings, or other play accessories.