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The Self-Change 160 Model # SC160
Manual Tire Changer With Air Blast Bead Seater

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Price is $1135.95 Plus Shipping 

Wikco Industries

The Self-Change 160 is our manual tire changer with an air blast bead seater. No other manual tire changer has this feature, or can do the wide size range of the Self-Change 160. The Self-Change 160, like the Self-Change 100.103 lets you change tires on wheels with rim sizes from 4" in diameter with the bearing in the hub, up through 16.5" in diameter on pickups and farm tractors. The air blast bead seater works exceptionally well on tires that for shipping purposes are compressed, and flattened.  Also is equipped with air extension tubes for the smaller tires.

The Self-Change Tire Changers are the most versatile tire changers made. There have been copies of our machine, exact, and different looking designs, but none of them have all the features of the Self-Change tire changers. The Self-Change tire changers are made in the USA and are designed to work and last; both the model 100.103 and model SC160 have 2 year warranties.

SC160 Manual Tire Changer With Air Blast Bead Seater


        Accessories Available for the SC160 Tire Changer:

The MC110 Attachment is designed to fit on the Self-Change 160 (MC110.160) only. Change wheels on mini-bikes, motorcycles, and open center ATV and trailer wheels.

Price Is $305.95 Plus Shipping
 MC110 Motorcycle Wheel Attachment    
                              Heavy Duty Wheel Clamps

Heavy Duty Wheel Clamps
       MC110.160 Motorcycle Tire Attachment                          

Model #109 ATV Bead Breaker 

The 109ATV Bead Breaker Shoe also has a lever arm that attaches so you can keep the bead breaker shoe tightly against the rim. Ideal for breaking the bead on ATV wheels, also the Bead Breaker Shoe works great on motorcycle wheels, now included is a protective plastic insert that will protect the wheels from scratching, and gouging. This item , and all Wikco Industries tire changing tools and accessories are designed to fit only Wikco brand products, and are not recommended for use with other brand of tire changers.

109ATV Bread Breaker       109ATV Bead Breaker

Price is $58.95 Plus Shipping.

Wikco Industries Model # 101 Tire Spreader

This helpful attachment fits on top of the Self-Change 100, the SC160, the STC 100.103, and the STC 104.  The 101 spreads the tire apart so it can be repaired easier. With its lever action and adjustable handle, it lets you work on a wide size range of wheels (4" -16.5" diameter rims).  Features all steel construction like all our products.  This item and all Wikco Industries tire changing tools and accessories are designed to fit only Wikco brand products, and are not recommended for use with other brand of tire changers.

Price is $58.95 Plus Shipping.  

101 Tire Spreader            

Protective Rubber Strip with 3-M peel & stick glue, sized to fit the bead breaker channel.  
Prevent scratching and gouging of the wheels.
Part #100-13PRS. Price: $19.95 Plus Shipping.

Protective Rubber Strip

Parts Drawing
SC160 Parts Drawing


1. #100-14 Large mount/demount bar (1)

2. #103-4 Small mount/demount bar (1)

3. Holder for small center post (part of ref. #5 tool holder assembly          

4. #160-4 Lubricant bottle (1)

5. #160-5 Tool holder assembly frame (1)

6. #160-6 Swab for lubricant bottle (1)

7. #160-7 Base tube assembly (1)

8. #160-8 Cone assembly and air tube assembly (1)

9. #160-9 Bridge pin (2)

10. #160-10 Bead breaker handle (1)

11. #160-11 Bead breaker shoe (1)

12. #160-12 Bead breaker channel (1)

13. #160-13 Large center post hold down cap (1)

14. #160-14 Center post spider (1)

15. #160-15 Lug hold stud (1)

16. #160-16 Air tube extensions (4)

17. #160-17 Pressure gauge (1)

18. #160-18 Regulator valve (1)

19. #160-19 Control panel mounting plate w/hardware (1)

20. #160-20 Return spring for pedal (1)

21. Mounting tab, 3 welded to #160-7 base tube

22. #160-22 Foot pedal (1)

23. #160-23 Foot pedal rod (1)

24. #160-24 Parts container for tool holder (1)

25. #160-25 T- fitting (1)

26. Tool holder receptacle for small center post when its not in use

27. Tool holder receptacle for larger center post cap and spider when it’s not in use

28. #160-28 Hex Key - 3/8” T-handle type (I)

29. #160-29 Allen screw to hold center posts in place (1)

30. Air tube assembly part of part #160-8

31. #160-31 Large center post assembly (1)

32. #160-32 Small hold down cap (1)

33. #160-33 Small center post (1)

35. Hose holder for inflator hose assembly (part of #160-5 tool holder assembly)

36. 160-36 Inflator hose assembly (1)

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