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Wikco Brand Pull Behind Core Plug Aerators

Model # 300 Core Plug Aerator Core Plug Aerator Tines
Core Plug Aerator Tines
Model # 300 Core Plug Aerator

Model #600 Core Plug Aerator
Model #600
Model #600 Core Plug Aerator
Model #600

Model #300 Core Plug Aerator
Model #300
Model #300 Core Plug Aerator
Model # 300    

The Wikco Models 300 and 600 Core Plug Aerators can be pulled with your ATV, garden tractor, turf truck, tractor, or commercial mower. These core plugging aerators are available in 30 inches wide and 60 inches wide models, and aerate a maximum of 4 inches. These units are perfect for use by schools and recreation departments at cities, as well as by golf courses, and lawn maintenance companies. All steel construction for commercial and professional use.


Model 300: Wikco Core Plug Aerator, 30 inch aeration width, wt. approx. 150 lbs., ships by truck.
Price is $999.95 Plus Shipping.

Model 600: Wikco Core Plug Aerator, 60 inch aeration width, wt. approx.. 275 lbs., ships by truck
Price is $1199.95 Plus Shipping.

Please allow 14 working days for receipt of all items, especially truck shipments. Many items can be delivered sooner, but no cancellations or delivery refusals will be accepted on orders delivered within the 14 working days from your placing of the order. 

All "shipping charges" refer to standard shipping charges where delivery is to a commercial / business location where if delivery is by common carrier (truck) they will deliver the freight to the delivery address, and you must have a way to unload it. If you don't have a way to unload it, and you don't have personnel to unload the freight by hand, and services such as a lift gate are required, a minimum extra charge of $75.00 will apply, but this charge varies for each terminal location, so this would be the minimum and could be as high as $180.00. Standard delivery for truck shipments means to your dock or door. If the item needs to be placed inside your warehouse by the trucking company, there will also be an inside delivery charge. If the shipment is delivered to a non-commercial, or residential address you may choose to pick up at the Freight Company's Terminal, in most cases this saves on additional shipping charges. Any special services should be requested at the time of the order. If you have any questions about delivery, please contact us at (800) 872 - 8864.

Drawing / Parts List:

Core Plug Aerator Drawing

 Parts list - Model 300 Wikco Tow Behind  Aerator

Ref. Number               Part Number                                            Description

   1.                                        300-1                                             Weight Pan

   2.                                        300-2                       Axle Shaft Spacer - Outer Spacer (2 required)

   3.                                        300-3                       Axle Shaft Spacer - Inner Spacer (3 required)

   4.                                        300-4                                 Axle Shaft Bolts w/washers 

                                                                                     (2 required plus center threaded stud - not shown)

   5.                                        300-5                                              Axle Shaft

   6.                                        300-6                                    Transport Wheel Yoke (Left)

   7.                                        300-7                                    Transport Wheel Yoke (Right)

   8.                                        300- 8                         Roll Pin (for transport wheel spring pin) - (2 required)

   9.                                        300-9                         Locking Pin for Transport Wheels - (2 required)

 10.                                        300-10                                   Wheel Bolt (2 required)

 11.                                        300-11                                    Wheel Nut (2 required)

 12.                                        300-12                         Pneumatic Wheel Assembly (2 Required)

 13.                                        300-13                                               Hitch

 14.                                        300-14                               Aerator Frame - 30 Wide Section

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