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The Original Wikco Super Spear Log Splitter
Model # LSM-78 Super Spear Log Splitter  
**$119.95 Plus Shipping.



The Super Spear Log Splitter
is the original and patented slide hammer log splitter introduced by Wikco Industries in 1978. A super way to split firewood....hard to believe until you try it. Split firewood in easy 1, 2, 3, strokes. Don't use brute force to split wood. Crack fireplace logs wide open with amazing slide hammer action. The Super Spear is easy to use, just lift the hammer and slide down. The force from the slide hammer is transferred to the splitting wedge, driving it into the log. Wikco's design works better than any other similar tool because of our patented design, and the design of our splitting wedge...if you see a similar tool look at their wedge design, it will not work as well.
Log Splitter         Log SplitterLog SplitterLog Splitter

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