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Wikco Industries
9330 Thornwood Dr
Lincoln NE 68512
Phone (800) 872 - 8864
Fax 402-464-2070
e-Mail wikcoindustries@windstream.net

Become A Wikco Dealer
New dealers must own or manage an ongoing business that maintains a retail location, distributorship, or Internet web site, that is a matches with Wikco Industries products.

New dealers must initial purchase a combination of any 5 products that Wikco Industries manufactures.
The initial order must be prepaid.
After the initial order any quantity can be ordered.
After the initial order terms are net 30 days, with approved credit.
Wikco Dealers are not limited by geographical locations.
All orders are plus shipping from the factory in Lincoln, NE.
Wikco Industries offers drop shipping directly to your customers, call Wikco Industries for details.

Wikco Industries
Dealer Application Fax or Mail to the above 
Date: __________________________________________________
Business Name: __________________________________________________
Business Owners Name(s): __________________________________________________
Street or Box #: __________________________________________________
City: __________________________________________________
State:  __________________________________________________
Zip Code: __________________________________________________
Business Phone #: __________________________________________________
Business Fax #: __________________________________________________
Business web-site: __________________________________________________
e-Mail Address: __________________________________________________
Contact Name: __________________________________________________
Contact Phone #: __________________________________________________
Ship To Address (if different than above)
Street: __________________________________________________
City: __________________________________________________
State:  __________________________________________________
Zip Code: __________________________________________________
Signature: __________________________________________________

Print Name:                                 ____________________________________________________

Please include your list of credit references, and banking information.